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Elizabeth Martin

Elizabeth, PhD is an author, educator, and a specialist on stress management, positive psychology, chakras, energy channels, yoga psychology, relationships, and emotional wellbeing.

Bhramari Pranayama and Your 114 Chakras

Bhramari Pranayama, often referred to as the Humming Bee Breath, is a powerful yogic Om chanting, and breathing technique that combines controlled breathing with the production of a humming sound. This ancient practice is known for its ability to calm the mind, soothe the nervous system, and induce a state of deep relaxation.

Bhramari Pranayama is the production of a humming sound resembling the buzzing of a bee. It purifies your 114 chakras. Its benefits can also be understood through modern scientific perspectives.

Incorporating Bhramari Pranayama into your daily routine can have profound benefits for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Let’s explore the details of this technique and how you can integrate it into your daily practice.

“Bhramari Pranayama’s soothing resonance clears obstacles, allowing the 114 chakras to shine brightly.” – Sri Amit Ray

Bhramari Pranayama

The Science of Bhramari Pranayama (भ्रामरी प्राणायाम)

Bhramari Pranayama, derived from the Sanskrit word “bhramar” meaning bumblebee, is a yogic breathing technique that involves controlled inhalation and exhalation accompanied by the production of a humming sound resembling the buzzing of a bee. While Bhramari Pranayama is deeply rooted in ancient yogic philosophy and spiritual practices, its benefits can also be understood through modern scientific perspectives [1].Read More »Bhramari Pranayama and Your 114 Chakras

Kara Nyasa Mantras and Your 108 Chakras

The term “Nyasa” meaning “to place” or “to purify.” In the context of Hindu spirituality of yoga, and Tantra, “Nyasa” refers to a ritualistic practice of placing or consecrating specific parts of the body with particular mantras (sacred chants) and gestures. This practice is aimed at invoking and channeling divine energies, aligning oneself with the sacred, and purifying the mind, body, and spirit.

Kara Nyasa

Kara Nyasa

With Kara Nyasa, the mantras are like a compass, guiding your touch to awaken the sacred divinity of your 108 chakras—an odyssey of spiritual transformation.” – Sri Amit Ray

Nyasa is assocated with the 108 chakras in your body system. In 2005, Guruji, Sri Amit Ray introduced the 108 chakras to the world as a subset of the 114 chakras to cover the total neuropsychology, human mind, body, and spiritual experiences. He introduces the names, locations, functions, mantras, and awakenings of the 108 chakras.

To do proper kara nyasa, you need to activate your hand chakras with the core chakra mantra. The core chakra mantra varies from person to person, and it is given by Guruji,  Sri Amit Ray during 114 chakra initiation.

The concept of 108 chakras offers a unique and innovative perspective on the traditional understanding of energy centers in the human body. Each of these chakras could have specific functions, including the regulation of emotions, the facilitation of physical well-being, and the enhancement of spiritual awareness.Read More »Kara Nyasa Mantras and Your 108 Chakras

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