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What are the 108 Chakras? And How to Activate Them?

The 108 chakras serve as a profound roadmap to self-discovery and inner transformation. Why are they so important, and how do you turn them on? This article will explore the realm of the 108 chakras, explain their significance, and offer basic techniques for activating them so that you can balance your energy bodies, and begin your deeper spiritual journey of self-discovery,

What are the 108 Chakras

What are the 108 Chakras

There are actually 114 chakras in the subtle energy system of the human body. During his deep meditation in the Himalayas in 2005, Sri Amit Ray discovered a total of 114 chakras in the human body. After that, he taught numerous spiritual masters, scholars, and scientists about the 108 chakras and the mysteries of the higher dimensions.

The 114 chakras, a more comprehensive system, account for the vast array of human emotions, mental states, and spiritual awakening. Any reduction in the number of chakras is a misunderstanding of the subtle energy system as a whole. The 114 chakras include the six basic chakras and the 108 higher chakras.

In this article, we will delve into the intriguing world of the 108 chakras, exploring why they are considered more potent and how one can activate them to unlock their full potential.

The legacy of Sri Amit Ray originates with a visionary touch that transcends the ordinary. His investigation of the 114 chakras and their intricate dance with the 72,000 nadis reveals a dimension that challenges the boundaries of conventional spiritual knowledge [1]. While the conventional understanding of chakras centres around seven major energy centers, Ray’s teachings urge us to go beyond the norm.

These 114 chakras, each of which pulsates with distinct qualities and functions, create a panoramic image of our inner universe. Intricately interwoven with 72,000 nadis, they create an awe-inspiring portrait that connects every aspect of our existence into a unified whole.

What are the 108 chakras?

The 108 chakras create a complex, interwoven network of energy pathways, fostering a harmonious and profound flow of vital energy throughout your being. This heightened flow can lead to increased vitality, emotional equilibrium, and mental clarity, paving the way for holistic material, and spiritual well-being.

The 108 chakras represent an expanded and enriched understanding of the body’s energy system. They provide a profound framework for personal growth, healing, and spiritual exploration, allowing individuals to tap into the vast potential of their inner universe.

The journey with the 108 chakras transcends the boundaries of the material world. As you activate and align these chakras, you open doorways to elevated states of consciousness, facilitating profound spiritual experiences and self-realization.

These 108 chakras are different from the marma points and the acupressure points in many ways. The chakras are more subtler than the marma points. The chakras are more focused on emotional stability, spiritual awakening, manifestation, and enlightenment. The marma points and the acupressure points are more focused on physical well-being.

The expanded chakra system in the Sri Amit Ray tradition of 108 chakras aligns you more closely with universal energies. This resonance can deepen your sense of interconnectedness, aligning you with the cosmic forces at play in the universe, and guiding you toward a more profound understanding of existence.

Why Are the 108 Chakras More Powerful?

You might be wondering why the Sri Amit Ray tradition places such significance on the 108 chakras when the commonly accepted model comprises only seven. The answer lies in the depth, intricacy, and transformative potential of these additional chakras.

  1. Enhanced Energy Flow 

The 108 chakras create a more intricate network of energy pathways, allowing for a more profound and harmonious flow of energy throughout the body. This enhanced flow can result in increased vitality, emotional balance, and mental clarity [2].

  1. Multidimensional Healing

With 108 chakras, practitioners have access to a multidimensional system of healing. Each chakra addresses specific aspects of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, offering a comprehensive approach to healing frequencies [4], and personal growth [3].

  1. Deeper Spiritual Exploration

The 108 chakras take you on a journey beyond the limitations of the physical world. As you activate and align these chakras, you gain access to higher states of consciousness, facilitating profound spiritual experiences and self-realization.

  1. Increased Resonance with the Universe

The expanded chakra system in the Sri Amit Ray tradition enables individuals to resonate more closely with the universal energies. This resonance can lead to a heightened sense of interconnectedness and alignment with the cosmic forces at play in the universe.

Bridging the Microcosm and Macrocosm:

Sri Amit Ray’s legacy emerges as a bridge that connects the microcosm of our individual experience with the macrocosm of the cosmos. His teachings on the interplay of 114 chakras and 72000 nadis resonate as a reminder that we are not isolated entities, but integral threads woven into the fabric of the universe. Through the exploration of these energy centers and channels, seekers traverse a bridge that unites their finite existence with the infinite expanse of the cosmos. This realization of interconnectedness unveils a profound unity with all creation, propelling individuals toward a life of purpose, cosmic harmony, and enlightened perspective.

Unlock your 108 higher chakras and open your third eye to manifest your dreams.

Unlock your 108 higher chakras and open your third eye to manifest your dreams.

Significance of the number 108

Over the course of human history, some numbers have gone beyond their scientific meanings to become symbols with deep spiritual meanings. Among these, the number 108 stands out like a lighthouse, sending out its mysterious energy across many countries and spiritual traditions. Even though it has roots in old practices, the meaning of 108 is still very important to seekers all over the world, especially when it comes to chakras and meditation.

108 and the Cosmos: A Cosmic Connection

Beyond the realm of spiritual practices, the number 108 reveals its cosmic significance. It weaves itself into the very fabric of the universe, creating a bridge between the microcosm of the human experience and the macrocosm of the cosmos.

Circumference of the Earth: Perhaps one of the most intriguing connections is the relationship between 108 and the Earth. According to ancient Vedic texts, the diameter of the Sun is approximately 108 times the diameter of Earth, while the distance from the Earth to the Sun is roughly 108 times the Sun’s diameter. This cosmic harmony underscores the idea that 108 is a number deeply connected to our place in the universe.

Astronomical Phenomena: Astronomy and astrology have also embraced the number 108. The average distance between the Earth and the Moon is about 108 times the Moon’s diameter. Additionally, there are said to be 27 constellations in our galaxy, each divided into four lunar phases, resulting in 108 individual elements. This astronomical harmony has not gone unnoticed by those who gaze at the night sky in wonder.

Mathematical Patterns: In the realm of mathematics, 108 reveals itself as a captivating number. It is considered a “Harshad” number, meaning it is divisible by the sum of its digits (1 + 0 + 8 = 9). This property adds a layer of symmetry and balance to the number, reinforcing its spiritual significance.

Art of Activating the 108 Chakras

The activation and balance of the 108 chakras involve a harmonious dance. To activate the 108 chakras, you have to know the names, locations, mantras, mudras, and functions of the 108 chakras. To activate the 108 chakras, you have to learn the complete chakra system in a systematic way from the original source. Because partial knowledge or arbitrary activation of the chakras may be harmful,

The 108 Chakras Courses

Know the 108 chakras

The Key Practices

Here are some practices to guide you on this mystical journey:

Meditation: Regular meditation, focusing on each chakra, can awaken and align them. Visualize each chakra as a vibrant, spinning wheel of energy.

Breathwork: Conscious breathing exercise techniques, such as Pranayama, can cleanse and energize your chakras. Directed breathing to specific chakra regions can be particularly effective.

Yoga: The practice of yoga asanas (postures) can help balance your chakras by promoting flexibility, strength, and energy flow throughout your body.

Sound Healing: Each chakra is associated with a specific sound or mantra. Chanting these mantras or listening to corresponding frequencies [4] can activate and harmonize them.

Crystals and Gemstones: Certain crystals resonate with each chakra. Placing these stones on or near the chakras can help balance and align their energies.

Mindfulness: Being mindful of your thoughts, emotions, and actions can prevent blockages and maintain the free flow of energy through your chakras.

Holistic Living: A balanced lifestyle, including a nutritious diet, adequate sleep, and stress management, supports the overall well-being of your chakras.

Balancing, Unlocking, and Opening The 108 Chakras

The profound journey of balancing, unlocking, and opening the 108 chakras unfolds as a path to holistic transformation, awakening us to the infinite possibilities within.

Chakra Balancing: Restoring Harmony

Chakra balancing is the process of realigning and harmonizing the energy flow within the chakras. Just as a musical instrument needs tuning to produce harmonious sounds, chakras require balance to function optimally.

When chakras are balanced, energy flows freely through them, promoting physical health and emotional stability. Imbalances, on the other hand, can lead to physical ailments and emotional distress. Chakra balancing often involves various techniques, including meditation, yoga, breathwork, and energy healing modalities like Reiki.

Chakra Unlocking: Releasing Blocked Energy

Chakra unlocking refers to the release of blocked or stagnant energy within the chakras. Blockages can occur due to various factors, such as past traumas, negative emotions, or stress. These blockages hinder the free flow of energy and can manifest as physical or emotional issues.

Unlocking chakras involves identifying and addressing these blockages. It requires introspection, self-awareness, and sometimes, therapeutic interventions like counseling or energy healing. Releasing these blockages allows the chakras to function optimally, promoting both physical and emotional healing.

Chakra Opening: Awakening Higher Consciousness

Chakra opening is a deeper and more transformative process. It involves awakening and activating the chakras to a higher state of consciousness. While balancing and unlocking chakras focus on healing and well-being, chakra opening takes individuals on a spiritual journey toward self-realization.

Opening chakras requires a dedicated spiritual practice. It often involves meditation, mindfulness, and energy work to raise one’s vibrational frequency and expand consciousness. As chakras open, individuals may experience heightened intuition, spiritual insights, and a sense of oneness with the universe.

Manifestation and the 108 Chakras

Manifestation is the art of transforming your thoughts, desires, and intentions into reality. It’s about harnessing the creative power of your mind and aligning it with the universal energies to bring your dreams to fruition. When you explore the realm of 108 chakras, you step into a profound landscape of possibilities for manifestation.

As you balance, unlock, and open these energy centers, you tap into the limitless potential of your inner universe, aligning your desires with the grand design of existence. It’s a dance of creation, where your intentions and the universe’s response merge to weave the fabric of your reality.


In summary, Sri Amit Ray’s legacy represents a beacon of profound insight in the realm of chakras and spiritual exploration. Through his revelations regarding the interplay of 114 chakras and the cosmic symphony of 72000 nadis, he has gifted seekers a transformative journey that transcends the mundane. Within this intricate dance of energy, you can harmonize the many facets of your existence, bridging the gap between the seen and the unseen.

It’s essential to recognize that the expansion from the conventional seven chakras to the expanse of 108 is not a replacement but an enhancement. The six basic chakras serve as grounding you in the material world, while the 108 chakras elevate you to realms of higher consciousness and spiritual growth. They coexist, complementing and enriching each other, offering a comprehensive perspective on your inner and outer worlds.

As you immerse yourself in the wisdom of chakras and nadis, you awaken to the subtle forces shaping your being, elevating your consciousness, and contributing to the ongoing evolution of human spirituality. Sri Amit Ray’s legacy of the 114 chakras extends an eternal invitation to explore the mysteries of your inner universe, guiding you toward a life woven with interconnectedness and authentic self-discovery. Embrace this radiant journey within, and may it illuminate your path to a more profound understanding of yourself and the cosmos.


Elizabeth Martin
Author: Elizabeth Martin

Elizabeth, PhD is an author, educator, and a specialist on stress management, positive psychology, chakras, energy channels, yoga psychology, relationships, and emotional wellbeing.

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